Win9x Temporary Keys

I've fallen quite behind on issuing keys for "paper" payments, as well as sending replacement keys for those who have "lost" their originals. Below you will find temporary keys that can be used for Win96, Win97, and Win99. These keys are good for 180 days, starting on 01 May 2007.

Long before these temporary keys "expire", I'll send permanent keys to those who require and/or have paid for them. When you receive the permanent key, be sure to store it in a safe place (i.e. print it out, take pen to paper and write it down, or burn it to a CD). When you receive your permanent key, you have two options. You can either wait for the temporary key to expire, then enter the permanent key, or you can open a command prompt, CD to the directory where the Win9x program is installed, and run:

[program] REGISTER

(where [program] is Win96.exe, Win97.exe, or Win99.exe, as appropriate).

You'll be prompted to enter a new name/key pair, and you should enter the values from the permanent key you received.

Name:Temporary 180 key

Name:Temporary 180 key

Name:Temporary 180 key

I apologize for falling so far behind, and for my lack of response to query emails. Hopefully, these temporary keys will take care of everybody who has been waiting for so long.