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Welcome to the Coupon Code Redemption site.
This page is for entering a Coupon Code purchased from a retailer. The Coupon Code entitles you to one registration key for a specific software program. All of our programs must be downloaded by visiting our main web site:
It is recommended that you download and install the appropriate program, based on the Coupon Code you purchased, before redeeming that Code here. The program will run in a fully-functional "trial mode" for 30 days (starting the day you first run it) without requiring the registration key.
In the form below, all fields are required. Be sure to enter your correct email address, as that is where your permanent registration key will be sent. You may need to ensure that is added to a "safe senders" list or "whitelist", so that any spam-blocking software on your mail server or in your email client does not prevent delivery of your registration key. If this is necessary, please do it before completing this form.
After entering complete and valid information, a registration key for the purchased product will be generated and sent to the email address you enter below.
You will need the registration key info any time you need to re-install the program (new computer, new operating system, hard drive crash, etc.). The Coupon Code you enter below may only be used once, and cannot be used to generate a replacement key at a later date. It is highly recommended that you print the key email and store it in a safe place. That is, treat it like anything else of value that you've purchased.
Please be sure all fields are correct before clicking the "Submit" button!

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